Fees for Services, Terms of Payment, Additional Services

The service will not begin until appropriate payment is received. Discounts are not applicable to be combined with each other. If a membership is purchased, then standard fees will be applied for the first coaching session when the discount code is utilised. The payment for the membership will begin after 30 days after the first payment date. Membership can be paused or cancelled at any time. Upon cancellation of the membership or a task payment, the task will also be cancelled. Nevertheless, fees for additional services such as coaching or editing might be required based on the requirements of the client.

Writerz Center’s Representations, Warranties and Disclaimers:

  • Writerz Center have an appropriate experience and scale to perform the advertised services.
  • Writerz Center’s services are performed with seriousness and integrity to help the client.
  • It is possible for the clients to provide certain recommendations based on which the edits, revisions or modifications can be performed.
  • We(Writerz Center) is not responsible for the recommendations provided by the client and the outcome that follows.

Client’s Representations and Warranties:

  • It is the responsibility of the client to present us with original work that is produced by the client. This is because we(Writerz Center) do not endorse plagiarism or the utilisation of others’ ideas or efforts. It is the responsibility of a client to ensure that the ideas or materials provided from other sources are properly cited in the original work they provide.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all the information provided to us is true and accurate. It is essential for the client to understand that our focuses on the information that is provided by the client to complete the services. Due to this, the client is only responsible for any errors that occur in the services.
  • The client must acknowledge that they will receive the services in a confidential manner. The materials used for the services can be collected from various sources, which will also be provided to the client. It is also the responsibility of the client to ensure that the information they receive from us remains confidential and is not utilised to sell, share, or reproduce in other contexts.

Cancellation Policy:

The task given to a scan be cancelled or passed at any time without any penalties. And the other hand, regarding editing services, it is necessary to cancel the edit before the editing work has started, upon which it will be possible for the client to receive up to a 90% refund. However, if the editing work is started then the client will not receive a refund. Nevertheless, the writing services can be paused at any time and then rescheduled. If the work has already been started, after which the client decides to reschedule, then the price of the service will be deducted to gather the fees of the service.