Go through our terms and conditions page carefully and then opt for our specialized services. If you place an order with us, it is understood that you have read the terms and conditions and have agreed to abide by the norms. 

Website security and privacy

The content that you can see on the website is the intellectual property of Writerz Center. The content is created to inform our audience about our company, our exclusive services, our teams, the process of placing an order with us, and so on. Nobody is allowed to copy the content without our knowledge. Usage of our content on any third-party website is strictly prohibited. 

Any visitor wanting to use our content anywhere must notify us before using it. 

Placing an order with us and the process of registration

  • Fill out the order form and provide appropriate information. If any serious discrepancy is found, the order will be canceled straight away. We will provide only the service you have opted for. If you want to add on, kindly request. 
  • In the order form, you will specifically get an idea of the scope of the work, the terms related to delivery, and the parameters associated with the order. Also, you as a student are responsible for the appropriate, and final information that you provide. 
  • Before opting for our services, you will be requested to sign up with us. All your contact information must be appropriate. If you face difficulty during the registration process, kindly contact the support team. 
  • Writerz Center holds the control to reject the order at the last moment in case of any problem such as student provides wrong information, the student is reluctant to make payments, the student doesn’t abide by the policies of Writerz Center, and more.

Finalizing orders 

  • Writerz Center will process your order only after you make a part payment for the service you choose, and the payment has to be authorized.
  • You can pay for the orders with Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal, or any means that’s available with us.
  • After evaluating your order, Writerz Center may request additional payment or even ask for more time to complete the order. Understanding the order is not possible without a manual review.

Your rights as a customer

  • If you find the new order parameters and the order value agreeable, you can go forward with us or cancel the order. 
  • If you don’t go forward with us – a refund will be processed based on our Money Back Guarantee Policy.


  • We will rewrite the content for you. But, you will have to provide us with a suitable reason as to why you want your content to be rewritten.
  • You must cooperate with us if we ask for more information while carrying out the rework.
  • Your order must not be against any third-party rights. The rights include moral rights, trademarks, and copyrights, and other similar rights. 
  • We will not cater to obscene, malicious, or defamatory requirements. If you go against this norm, your order will be turned down.

Refund system

  • If you want a 100% refund, you must provide a legitimate reason. We review revision requests within 72 hours. But if we find the reasons to be unfair for the total refund or revision, then we will have the sole authority to cancel the refund process.

Our responsibility

  • We are obligated to protect your privacy. The pieces of information that you share with us are kept safe.