Google is always concerned to make their user experience better than ever and that is why they come up with new updates. Now favicons and site names are also going to be visible in the desktop search result. This will help you the users to identify any website listed in the search result or ads as well. Just like the mobile search results of Google, it is also going to be helpful in SEO as well.

Why the change is needed?

Whenever it’s coming to introducing any updates google always makes the user experience as its first priority. That is why they introduce a new desktop search design. It helps the user to identify the website in search results better. By doing this Google is going the bring the mobile and desktop in line.

How did it become visually district?

Due to this new update, the surface is going to be visually distinct silently. This way the user can easily understand which website is associated with that webpage link easily.

Google change the shape and size of the favicons which makes them much more visible than before.

This change also going to make advertising much more transparent because the favicons and site names are also going to pop out in the search ads as well.

Labelling of ads

The latest update will help the users to distinct ads from the organic search results because the search ad label is going to be placed in its own line in the top-left corner of the ads. So that a user can easily locate and identify the ads. 

In the case of the mobile ads the word ” sponsored” will be visible in black bold colour making it visually distinct.

How the new update is going to help the website owners?

Through this latest update google ensure to make things much more transparent to the users. But this feature is also going to help the website owners as well. Because of this update, the websites get more clicks from their potential visitors. It will be going decrease the bounce rates of sites, providing an advantage to SEO techniques.

How to change the site names to Google?

Practically it’s not possible to change a site name manually because google automatically generates the site name in the search bar.  But one can manage the accuracy of their site name by adding proper website structured data.

As a whole, we can say that Google’s new desktop search design is going to make the user  surface visually more appealing. Through these updates, the user can easily know which site is associated with the web page link. It makes the advertising process also transparent and user-friendly. The latest update will also be going to help SEO techniques as well.